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How To Best Prepare Your Kids For a Hearing Appointment

Thursday, April 6, 2017 1:15:29 PM Australia/Melbourne

How to Best Prepare Your Kids For a Hearing AppointmentFor many of the Hearlink team, visits to any sort of doctor were a red-letter day growing up. We’re not talking about the good red-letter day. We’re not talking about the birthday party, or the day that the local pool opened. To that point, we’re not talking about the day that school let out for a break, or a day when your parents finally released the reigns of freedom ever so slightly.


No, no, we’re talking about the red-letter day. We’re talking about the day(s) that heralded your turn to visit any sort of doctor. Your memories circled around floor-length white robes, reminiscent of an evil wizard. There was most likely some sort of salt-and-pepper hair, complete with a mustache that curled at the ends (perhaps even a gender-neutral characteristic). Your doctor was never shorter than seven feet tall, and ruled with an iron fist. That is the kind of red-letter day which we are discussing in this post.


Now of course, many years have passed, and you (hopefully) know that you can put such memories in perspective. Doctors exist in all shapes and sizes, with one common goal- to ensure that you’re as healthy, safe and happy as possible. So now—it’s your turn, to pass on your know-how and ensure that your offspring feel comfortable, nay—empowered—to visit doctors, especially audiologists.


So, first of all, congratulations! We now recognize you as a mentor to our youngest generations. To assist you in this important and valuable role, we’d like to supply you with three tips to ensure that your young ones feel ready for whatever they may encounter at the doctor’s office.


Three Brief Tips For a Successful Visit to an Audiologist


First up, focus on the good. There’s a reason that we have our ears checked on a regular basis, especially at such a young age. When we do, we ensure that they remain valuable instruments for decades to come. Your doctor should be well equipped to educate in-room, but it never hurts to do a little research of your own. Print out fun facts about your hearing, and share them well in advance of the appointment. When you do this, you give your kids something to look forward to.


Monitor your own stress. Yes, your kids are extremely valuable to you. They’re also extremely resilient and they’re also extremely in-tune to your emotions. If you feel fear, they will sense it, and probably feed off of it. Limit this by book-ending the appointment with positive experiences. While many experts advise against bribery, the Hearlink team sees no harm in perusing the local market in advance, and perhaps picking up an ice-cream cone after the appointment.


Finally, be an expert. This goes above and beyond the aforementioned homework that you should feel comfortable undertaken. This means that you must listen to each and every recommendation that the doctor has for treatment.  When you follow these to a T, everyone involved will feel far more comfortable.


Hopefully these brief tips will help you to feel a bit more at ease the next time your young ones need to visit the audiologist. Still have questions? Give us a shout!

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