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Audiology Touted as one of Least Stressful Jobs

Friday, April 1, 2016 10:00:34 PM Australia/Melbourne

Audiology Touted as one of Least Stressful Jobs

Every audiologist has their own story. He or she has his or her own rhyme or reason as to what prompted them to get involved in the field. Maybe it was a personal experience. Maybe it was overcoming a hearing impairment or speech pediment of their own which encouraged them to help others. Often times it is just a true, blue, genuine interest in the field and the evolution of improvements in process and tool that audiologists continue to see. Or maybe it’s because for yet another year, audiology has been named one of the world’s least stressful jobs.


It’s often hard to see that way. After all, we take our craft very seriously. It’s both an art form and a science as we’re dealing with our patients’ health. We see our patients as a community of family, which is why we encourage robust communication plans between our audiologists and our patients. Part of this engagement plan is that constant communication not only around treatment, but the multitude of other facets in life that can be effected.


So to hear that our field is one of the less stressful, is a pleasant surprise. And maybe it is because we love what we do so much that the stress goes unnoticed. But let’s put this in perspective.


The research was overseen by CareerCast, which computed audiology at number 8 for the year 2016. Audiology received a job stress score of 9.3. And no, that’s not on a scale from 1-10. Rather, it’s on a scale from 1-85. Back in 2011, audiology managed to top the charts as the single least stressful career.


Here are the top 10 Least Stressful Jobs in 2016, in order, according to CareerCast:


1) Information Security Analyst
2) Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
3) University Professor, tenured
4) Hair Stylist
5) Medical Records Technician
6) Medical Laboratory Technician
7) Jeweler
8) Audiologist
9) Dietition
10) Librarian


so what does the landscape at the other end of the spectrum look like? The product of the same survey, here are the top ten most stressful jobs:


1) Enlisted Military Personnel
2) Firefighter
3) Airline Pilot
4) Police Office
5) Event Coordinator
6) Public Relations Executive
7) Senior Corporate Executive
8) Broadcaster
9) Newspaper Reporter
10) Taxi Driver


As you can imagine, this survey was quite controversial, and feedback pooled in from patients and doctors alike. Many disagree with this rating. Their thoughts are summed up well by the following quote, questioning the credibility of the survey and its results:


“How in the world could you people decide this was the least stressful job? Have you ever told parents that their baby will wear hearing aids the rest of their life? Or tried to convince old people who think they hear fine that they need to spend thousands on hearing aids that they don’t want? What a joke this article is.”


While the jury may be out on the science behind this survey, the team at Hearlink can align on one thought—stress will always be present in the most rewarding of career paths.

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