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After School Activities for the Hearing Impaired

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 12:36:45 PM Australia/Melbourne

After School Activities for the Hearing ImpairedHearing loss is hard at any age, but it’s especially hard on children who are still growing and developing. It’s still vital that they engage and interact with those around them, in order to properly learn social and educational skills. Luckily, we live in a day and age where educational programs are designed more and more frequently to address the needs of everyone, no matter what their hearing capacity is. But what happens when the school day is done? What happens when they walk home, or jump on a bus and it’s up to you to entertain your young ones for those endless hours until bedtime. We’ll tell you exactly what happens-- You take advantage of the Hearlink blog! Today, we’re sharing our recommendations to ensure that their brains are stimulated and that there are smiles on both their faces and yours.


Sports & Recreational Pastimes

It’s a common misconception that sports are out, right out of the gate. Even if your child wears a hearing implant, sports still offer a great way to meet new people, try new things and potentially learn a new skill that they’ll become very passionate about. The one thing that you’ll want to be careful about, is ensuring that their audio processor and implant are properly protected. Your child should always wear a helmet during contact sports—not just because of the valuable and important equipment that they’re wearing, but for the foundational reason that their head will be taken care of!


Even if your child takes up a sport with less contact, make sure that the audio processor and hearing aid are secured. This can be taken care of using headbands or hairclips.


Now for water sports. Here, you’ll need to look into special equipment. Remember that your hearing aid isn’t necessary waterproof, make sure to do your homework first.


After School Activities for the Hearing ImpairedHomework

Homework can be difficult for those with hearing implants. You’ll want to set expectations with their teachers well in advance, to make sure that you’re setting appropriate parameters for how much time should be spent on homework each night. Here are a few tips that Hearlink recommends to ensure that your child is staying on top of his or her homework game:


  • Be aware of what their homework load looks like, weekly and nightly
  • Track how long it takes them to complete certain tasks, so that they have ample time and don’t feel rushed
  • Show your support, but don’t lean over their shoulders too much
  • It never hurts to see if the teacher will give you lesson information in advance of the lesson. This way your child can familiarize themselves with the concepts, from the comfort of your home.



Most kids look forwards to dinner from the time lunch is served. Remember that time around the dinner table is especially valuable for honing communication and listening skills. Encourage your child to talk about his or her day. Listen carefully and engage where appropriate. Provide support and a safe atmosphere for your child to talk about anything.

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