Noise Level Measurement

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Noise Level Measurements

                                                   DOSIMETER                                      SOUND LEVEL METER



Industrial Noise Surveys

A noise survey report is conducted to measure and report on noise levels at various locations and specific work functions and operator levels within the industrial workplace.  An excellent and concise way of establishing sound energy levels in order to calculate exposure time limits * for employees and adequacy of current hearing protection in use. 

Personal Noise Exposure Calculations

Personal noise exposure for entire shift can be calculated using a Dosebadge/ Dosimeter

 A dosimeter or dosebadge is an electronic sound recording device, which is fitted to the employee pre shift and removed post shift, in order to accurately establish sound energy levels experienced during an entire work shift.  Generally used for employees who have more than one job function and/or move about premises and / or intermittent noise sources, eg in a metal work shop using hammers.


Guide for assessing and fixing noise problems at work


* Noise Exposure Standard in Victoria: 85dBA noise level for 8 hours and peak noise level 140dBC. For every 3dB above this, the duration of exposure is halved, eg. If the noise level is 88dBA, the maximum duration a worker may work is 4 hours. The appropriate attenuation rating of a hearing protector will result in keeping the exposure below the standard.

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