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Bone Conduction Hearing Aid - BAHA

These hearing instruments are fitted when wearing a device in the ear canal, including an ear mould is not possible or appropriate, eg ear infections and discharging.

The sound is conducted via bone conduction to the inner ear (cochlea).

BAHA-  Bone Anchored Hearing Aid

Delivers the gift of hearing. Naturally..

Imagine being able to join in a conversation in a busy restaurant regardless of where you’re sitting. Imagine being free of irritating feedback and distortion from in the ear hearing aids and ear moulds. Imagine being able to hear sounds from both sides, even though only one of your ears is working.

Imagine your child hearing well at school without being exhausted from the effort of listening.

Imagine hearing a clear, natural sound the way nature intended.

At Hearlink our BAHA hearing solution can help make it happen.

Who can BAHA bone conduction implants help?

  • The Cochlear BAHA system is a simple and effective hearing solution for adults and children with:
  • Conductive hearing loss (outer or middle ear problems)
  • Mixed hearing loss (both outer/middle and inner ear problems)
  • Single-sided deafness (total deafness in one ear)


How BAHA helps you hear

BAHA bone conduction implants use your body''s natural ability to send sound through the bone directly to the hearing part of your ear. So if there is something wrong with your outer or middle ear, Baha simply bypasses these problems.

Uses your natural hearing

  • BAHA uses bone conduction - one of the natural ways we hear sound.


Produces the sound clarity of bone conduction

  • Because sound waves are re-directed through bone and around hearing roadblocks, you hear cleaner and clearer sound.
  • 89% of users prefer Baha when compared to standard hearing aids.


Gives you the right comfort level

  • With Baha, you no longer have to worry about distortion, feedback or uncomfortable ear moulds. Baha offers a comfortable and discreet hearing solution for people of all ages
  • 90% of Baha users would recommend Baha to someone else with the same type of hearing loss.


How does a BAHA work?

BAHA blends one of your body''s natural sound paths with the most advanced, trusted and effective bone conduction hearing technology in the world.


  1. Sounds are picked up by a high performance sound processor, which turns them into vibrations.
  2. A connecting abutment transfers the amplified sound vibrations from the Baha sound processor to the implant.
  3. The titanium implant is placed in the bone behind the ear. It transfers the sound vibrations through the bone directly to the cochlea via bone conduction, bypassing hearing roadblocks which may exist in the outer or middle ear.


Trusted and Established

  • More than 70,000 people worldwide have chosen Baha as their hearing solution.
  • Trusted and developed for over 30-years


Can I Trial a BAHA?

Unlike other hearing implants, you can trial Baha before making the decision to proceed with surgery. The sound processor is connected to a test band, test rod or BahaSoftband, allowing you to instantly experience the difference a Baha can make to your hearing.


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